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Director’s Message

The 21st century has brought immense changes in the education sector. Unfortunately, Matric stream educational institutions in Pakistan are lagging far behind in terms of modernizing their teaching methods and introducing technological innovations. It is feared that if this trend continues, we as a nation will be left behind others in the world.

Grammar International is aware of this educational crisis that besets the Matric stream schools in Pakistan. We have, therefore, designed our curriculum, modelling the best international practices. At Grammar International, we have taken many steps to modernize education and training.

Educational technologies using modern software and other learning devices are deployed in the classrooms to facilitate the teachers and the students alike. Teacher training in these new educational technologies has, indeed, been a great challenge. We, therefore, had to take extreme care in teacher selection and training.

Last, but not least, is the environment of a school that plays a pivotal role in developing a child’s personality. Fully mindful of that, we foster a modern and progressive environment that encourages students to think independently and to stay away from rote learning. Our pupils are, therefore, able to realize their full potential, so crucial for their future development.

By Khawaja Tahir Abbas