Grammer International School

What we offer


  • Quality Matric stream schooling.
  • English medium of instruction.
  • Supportive material through online software.
  • Audio-visual aids.
  • Educational support of Bloomfield Hall School System .

Personality Development

  • Extensive range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Emphasis on creativity and independent thinking.
  • Environmental awareness.
  • Emphasis on 21st century global citizenship values.


  • State-of-the-art purpose-built campus.
  • Hi-tech labs and activity rooms.
  • Technology embedded classrooms.

School Rules

Owing to limited space, not all rules operating in the School can be listed.



Absence for reasons other than illness requires written application in advance by the parent/guardian. In case of illness, the school must be informed immediately. For absence of more than 3 days, a doctor’s certificate, if required by the school, must be produced. Absence from school, for more than 5 days without notification by parents/guardians may result in the cancellation of admission



Children in Reception Class have a flexible starting and finishing time. In all other classes, children must arrive before the registration-period bell. Those arriving during the registration period, are marked late. After being late three times in a month, a pupil arriving late for the fourth time in the same month is not allowed to attend the school on that day. The school gates close at the end of the registration period. Children in the Junior School (Preps – Class 4) are allowed in after the gates close, but the parents/guardians are required to explain their lateness to the Office. Pupils in Class 5 and above are not allowed in after the gates close



There is no uniform in Reception Class. In all other classes, children must come in the prescribed uniform. All items of school uniform must be labelled with the student’s name. Jewelry is strictly prohibited – except for simple studs or rings in girls’ ears.



Parents must keep the school informed regarding matters of serious concern about their children’s health. The school may disallow the attendance of a pupil if (s)he is considered to be suffering from a contagious disease. Pupils’ hair must be checked by parents at regular intervals for possible infestation and appropriate action taken

Admission Procedure

The completed Admission Form along with copies of birth and health certificates, 3 passport size photographs and the Registration Fee (non-refundable) must be submitted to the School Office.

After the Admission Form has been processed, a date is given for the applicant’s assessment.

Parents are informed of the outcome within one week of the child’s assessment. If a place is offered, the child’s admission/enrolment must be confirmed and all the dues paid within three days of the date of offer.

If, within three days, enrolment is not confirmed, the child’s place is offered to another candidate.

Parents-School Contact

The Open Day is arranged once a month for parents to visit the school and meet the teaching staff.

Parents are advised to make an appointment to meet teachers/Heads.

Teachers and parents communicate with each other through the school on-line diary.

Interaction between the school and parents also takes place through social media eg SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

Director’s Message

The 21st century has brought immense changes in the education sector. Unfortunately, Matric stream educational institutions in Pakistan are lagging far behind in terms of modernizing their teaching methods and introducing technological innovations. It is feared that if this trend continues, we as a nation will be left behind others in the world.
Grammar International is aware of this educational crisis that besets the Matric stream schools in Pakistan. We have, therefore, designed our curriculum, modelling the best international practices... Read More

Khawaja Tahir Abbas